We want to make sure your results are just as accurate and detailed as your designs are intended to be. That’s why we created our Operator Station software from the ground up. Operator Station allows you to efficiently prepare your models and create print jobs for your DLP Station(s).

Accuracy optimization

Built-in algorithms automatically adjust for variables like the chemical properties of your build material and hardware calibration data to achieve best-in-class accuracy levels and surface finishing.

Introducing MAGS AI

MAGS: Mark, Adjust & Generate Supports. Simply mark the object’s surface. MAGS AI determines optimal part positioning and automatically generates slice supports.

Auto-updated resin catalog

Operator Station comes with a comprehensive online catalog with all known resins including DLP Station hardware presets. Settings can be conveniently downloaded for offline use.

Intuitive slicing preview

The slicing preview shows you the DLP Station’s projected result on screen, slice by slice. Easily determine any inconsistencies before creating the final print job. What you see is what you’ll get!

Fast and efficient

Operator Station was designed to operate a cluster of DLP Stations from a single workstation. The multithreading architecture allows you to make optimal use of your computer hardware.