With the atum3D open platform DLP Station, you are free to select the appropriate material properties for your parts. We’ve selected several popular resins on the market today for your convenience. Our close cooperation with suppliers keeps us on the forefront of resin developments and the application in our products.

We are here to help you select the resin with the optimal properties for your application. Tell us your anticipated application, the process or result variables that are most important to you, potentially including the current material properties, and we’ll gladly advise you on the best available material.
Can’t find the combination of properties you’re looking for right away? Don’t worry. With the atum3D Material R&D Service (link Services), our team is your partner in finding or creating the resin you’re looking for.


Mechanical assemblies, functional parts, snap-fit, sporting goods, tooling & casing


Functional parts, hinges, hooks, gears, tools


Functional parts, display parts, enclosures, electronics housings


Figurines and Toys


Medical, electronics, architecture & art, toys, RTV, packaging, microfluid & flow analysis.


Animation, architecture, art, education, custom jewels, toys


Titanium castings, dental castings (e.g. crowns, bridges), jewellery castings, technical castings (e.g. gears, impellers and complex parts in any metal)


Drilling templates for implantology, X-ray templates and occlusal splints


Dental models


Base parts for orthodontic apparatuses, drilling and X-ray templates, occlusal and fixation splints


Individual impression and functional trays and base resin plates

We’ve included some of the most popular resins with our Industry Excellence Packs.